Jonathan Kruk’s “Legend” in the Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow.

After a long run as “The Pirate King” at Philipsburgh Manor, Historic Hudson Valley created a new event, “Jonathan Kruk’s Legend”, featuring, of course, the great Jonathan Kruk. Jonathan and I had been performing at Legend for years, but at completely opposite ends of the event, so our paths rarely crossed. When I was invited to compose and perform a live score for his performance, I jumped at the chance to work with such a, ahem, legendary performer.

Here I am trying out the pipe organ in the Old Dutch Church just before our first rehearsal.

[flickr video=5039437571 show_info=true w=500 h=331]
Jim Keyes a video by PhotoByAnthony on Flickr.

This is me, back in my studio, performing “Welcome To Sleepy Hollow”, the overture for the show:


Finally, of course, we have Jonathan doing his thing:


The Pirate King at Philipsburgh Manor’s “Legend Weekend

Here I am relaxing before an evening of piracy.

“The Pirate King” was a character I created for Philipsburgh Manor’s “Legend Weekend”, an annual event that ran during the month of October for years and years. In 2010. they created a new event “Horseman’s Hollow”, which proved to be very popular. Since then, I’ve been playing a live pipe-organ score for “Jonathan Kruk’s Legend”, which has also become very popular. In October 2011, it will run for every weekend night, but that’s a whole other post.

Here are a selection of videos of me performing the character. These were taken over the years by visitors to the event and posted on YouTube. Enjoy!

I always like to start the show with a little shtick..

“Matty Groves” is an old song about lust, infidelity and murder…


“I Wanna Be Pirated” is a take off of one of my favorite Ramones songs…

“Polly on the Shore” is a great old Pirate Song…

Hudson River Museum

In 2010, through the Hudson River Museum, I conducted a School Based Artist-in-Residence at for First Graders at P.S. 25 in Yonkers NY. The students visited an exhibit of works by Jacob Lawrence. Our theme was Jobs. The students searched the paintings for tools, clothing and other clues relating to the subject’s job. Afterwards, each class wrote a song about their experience. In this video, we are in the exhibit space. I’m performing music from the ’20s and 30s on instruments that were popular then. I wore an outfit that I thought looked like early 20th century work clothes. Enjoy!

“She Broke My Heart In Three Places”


“I’ll See You In My Dreams”