The Pirate King at Philipsburgh Manor’s “Legend Weekend

Here I am relaxing before an evening of piracy.

“The Pirate King” was a character I created for Philipsburgh Manor’s “Legend Weekend”, an annual event that ran during the month of October for years and years. In 2010. they created a new event “Horseman’s Hollow”, which proved to be very popular. Since then, I’ve been playing a live pipe-organ score for “Jonathan Kruk’s Legend”, which has also become very popular. In October 2011, it will run for every weekend night, but that’s a whole other post.

Here are a selection of videos of me performing the character. These were taken over the years by visitors to the event and posted on YouTube. Enjoy!

I always like to start the show with a little shtick..

“Matty Groves” is an old song about lust, infidelity and murder…


“I Wanna Be Pirated” is a take off of one of my favorite Ramones songs…

“Polly on the Shore” is a great old Pirate Song…

2 Thoughts.

  1. Jim, I absolutely LOVE your music! Would you happen to have the following songs you performed…“Matty Groves”, “I Wanna Be Pirated”, “Polly on the Shore” and any other songs you performed as The Pirate King at Philipsburgh Manor’s on cd. I love your historic music, tho I never saw any cd’s on iTunes for them to buy. However, I did buy your Sleepy Hollow Suite: Halloween cd along with Time On The Water, State Of Grace and A Hudson River Christmas. Hoping to see and hear your historic music and music from The Pirate King at Philipsburgh Manor’s Legend Weekend where you play your little shtick as Captain Kidd. LOL

    Can’t wait to hear from you. Will be checking my email.

    Kim 🙂

    • Hi Kim,

      Thanks so much, I’m really flattered! I’m glad you like my music and I appreciate that you took the time to find it and to write me. As you said, I don’t have the historic songs up on iTunes, but I have been slowly working on a CD of them (except for “I Wanna Be Pirated”). These things take a lot of time and it probably won’t be out for a year or more.

      As for The Pirate King, Legend Weekend no longer exists. It has been replaced with an event called “Horseman’s Hollow” which is a haunting of Philipsburg Manor, and there is no place for a pirate. Sorry.

      Anyway, thanks again for writing me. Enjoy the CDs!


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